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There are plenty of Hair Care Products like hair growth oil, baldness treatment lotion, Dandruff hair lotion, etc. in the market for Hair fall treatment. But, there\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s no true Herbal hair lotion like ERVAMATIN. Telebuy proudly presents Ervamatin Hair Lotion, containing rare herbs from the Amazon Rain Forests. For thinning hair, hair fall, dandruff, alopecia, baldness treatment, Ervamatin is proven highly effective and is known as the best ayurvedic treatment for hair loss.


Hair Fall treatment is one of the most sought after remedies around the world, along with Baldness Treatment and Dandruff Treatments. Numerous products for hair growth and treatment are available today. These hair Care products generally vary in their efficacy and most often have severe side effects. In this context, ERVAMATIN LOTION provides an absolutely safe, effective and natural treatment for hair loss and facilitates natural hair growth.


Telebuy proudly presents ervamatin hair lotion, the natural hair treatment therapy, containing rare herbs from the Amazon Rain Forests. ERVAMATIN HAIR LOTION, unlike regular hair growth oils, provides fast and effective therapy for hair loss and the treatment ensures excellent results. It is highly recommended as a treatment for thinning hair, hair loss, hair degeneration, dandruff, alopecia, fragile, dry hair and baldness treatment. ERVAMATIN is a Capillary Lotion, which has in its composition many Phyto-therapeutic agents the ingredients of which, the world experts confirm, are found only in the AMAZON RAIN FORESTS. ERVAMATIN Lotion is not simply a common hair care oil, it is a natural product, created exclusively for the treatment of problems associated with hair.

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HOW DOES ERVAMATIN WORK? Modern biochemical knowledge reveals that medication for baldness treatment acts on three main targets: 1) Peripheral vessel dilatation effect, increasing nourishment of the scalp; 2) Inhibition of the alpha enzyme that changes testosterone into dihydro-testosterone that causes atrophy of the hair follicle; 3) The effects of the fungus that infect the scalp. ERVAMATIN Lotion was tested on numerous patients, both men and women from different age group. This positive effect made us study the plants having pharmacological properties that are able to stimulate the hair growth or to delay its falling as well as to reduce baldness, dandruff, hair loss, excessive sebum in the scalp, greasy hair and alopecia. The vessel dilatation effect observed by ERVAMATIN Scientists was better than expected, considering the pilocarpina concentration found in it. This activity proved an increase in nutrient diffusion to the scalp, improving nourishment of the follicle, resulting in the hair regrowth. ERVAMATIN works well for Dandruff Hair Lotion, Hair Treatment Oil, Baldness Treatment and all other hair woes all-in-one! Ervamatin hair lotion, with Amazon Forest herbs is the only natural product with proven results boasting of millions of satisfied men and women. Male hair loss patterns - A variety of genetic (and possibly environmental) factors likely play a role in androgenic alopecia. Male pattern baldness is a result of a genetic sensitivity of hair follicles to DHT, which causes them to shrink or \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"miniaturize\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\". This shortens their lifespan and prevents them from producing hair normally. Female hair loss patterns- Although, baldness is not as common in women as in men, the psychological effects of hair loss tend to be much greater in the former. Typically, the frontal hairline is preserved but the density of hair is decreased in all areas of the scalp. While hair loss in females normally occurs after the age of 50 or even later, it now happens at a much younger age with cases as young as 15 or 16 years old reporting hair loss. CONTENTS • Water/Aqua • Sacharum Officinarum • Smilax Officinalus • Agave Rigida • Saponaria Officinalis • Propylenen Glycol • Methyl Parabene along with active ingredients • Smilax Officinalis • Saponaria Officinalis APPLICATION • Baldness • Dandruff • Hair loss • Greasy hair • Dry & Fragile hair DIRECTIONS for USE • Use ERVAMATIN on washed and dried hair • Apply ERVAMATIN directly on the scalp and massage for 30 seconds IN THE BOX: • Ervamatin lotion - 200 ml • Multi Language Instruction Manual

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